The four houses are named after the missiles- Agni, Akash, Prithvi, Trishul. The students are segregated into houses in order to promote intra college activities as well keep the competitive spirit alive throughout the year among the students.

  • Agni

    As the name suggests, the house members are filled with zeal and fire to achieve and succeed in whatever they do. Coming from the school of E&T, they are known for their team spirit, hardwork and sportsmanship, constantly finding success along the way.

  • Aakash

    The Aakash house gets its name from a short-range missile of Indian origin. This house is for students pursuing their B.Tech. Aakash is known for its creative and hardworking students, determined to win every competition that comes their way.

  • Prithvi

    Named after one of India's ballistic missiles, this house of Engineering students is always at the front row with maximum energy and enthusiasm whether it's for participating or cheering.

  • Trishul

    A perfect union of jovial seniors and enthusiastic juniors from the school of Engineering and Technology. Dedication and fun goes together in this house.

  • Astra

    The students of the Astra house come from the school of Science and Humanities, and the name fits them like a glove, with the massive amount of energy and power of a ranged weapon seen in their activities.

  • Brahmos

    If you’re from the school of M.Tech, MCA and Management, then welcome to Brahmos! Just like the missile it’s named after, this house is a force to reckon with, and houses many of SRM's most talented students in various fields.

  • Shaurya

    The house for the Medical school, Dental school and Health Sciences. Shaurya in Sanskrit means 'Bravery', an apt title for doctors of medicine, who brave through challenges to save lives.

  • Naag

    One of the more recent additions to the spectrum of the house system, Naag represents the shrewd and over achieving students of the architecture field.